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David Bowie Forever

No Plan is an EP by English musician David Bowie. It was released posthumously in digital form only on 8 January 2017 through Columbia and Sony, coinciding with what would have been Bowie's 70th birthday. The songs "No Plan", "Killing a Little Time" and "When I Met You" first appeared in the Broadway musical Lazarus and were originally recorded during the Blackstar sessions. All songs on the EP had already been released in physical form on the Lazarus: Original Cast Recording CD and LP in October 2016. The release was accompanied by a music video for "No Plan".

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A.B. Skhy - Folk Psychedelic Blues Rock

A.B. Skhy (originally New Blues) was an American electric blues band from Milwaukee formed in 1968. They recorded two albums before splitting up in the early 1970s. Formed in Milwaukee in the late 1960s as New Blues, the band comprised Dennis Geyer (guitar, vocals), Jim Marcotte (bass guitar), Terry Anderson (drums), and Howard Wales (keyboards). Wales had previously played with artists such as James Brown and Freddie King. They relocated to San Francisco and changed the band name to A.B. Skhy, building a following with live performances. They were signed by MGM Records and worked with producer Richard Delvy on their self-titled debut album, released in 1969. The album featured contributions from guitarist Russell DaShiell, harmonica player Jim Liban, and flautist Otis Hale and spawned the single "Camel Back", which reached number 100 on the Billboard Hot 100. The group then split, with Andersen and Wales leaving, the latter going on to play with Harvey Mandel, Jerry Garcia, and The Grateful Dead. Geyer and Marcotte recruited drummer Rick Jaeger and guitarist James "Curley" Cooke (formerly of The Versitones and The Steve Miller Band), and the new lineup recorded a second album, Ramblin' On, in March 1970 with Kim Fowley and Michael Lloyd producing. The album included a mixture of cover versions and original songs by Cooke. A third album was started but the band split up before it was completed. Cooke went on to play in Cat and the Fiddle and with Boz Scaggs and Ben Sidran (who had played harpsichord on Ramblin' On), and released the solo album Gingerman in 1980. Jaeger joined DaShiell in Crowfoot and recorded with several artists as a session player.

4some Blues - Harmonica Blues Style

4some blues“ is an intercontinental quartet, formed in 2012, which presents itself with traditional blues and rhythm’n’blues and a dash of swing that is gonna make you wanna move and shake that tailfeather. The rhythm section of this formation is no other than the backbone of the legendary Vienna Mojo Blues Band: the longtime touring Swiss Dani Gugolz on the upright bass and the Viennese Peter Muller on the drums. Both also members of "The Blue Flagships", "Frank Muschalle Trio" and "R&B Caravan". Their groovy floor builds the perfect ground for the other musicians to blues and swing to it: Hannes Kasehs on the guitar is also from Vienna. The passionate blues-guitarist and singer is in the business for 20 years and has shared the stage with many stars such as Katie Webster, Louisianna Red or Christian Dozzler, just to name a few. The combo is completed by the Swiss Walt Baumgartner, blues harmonica Player and Singer, on the road with “Walt’s Blues Box”, "Acoustic Blues Drifter" and "Ray & friends". Their first CD with the band name "4some blues" as a working title of the album was recorded in may this year in Vienna at Peter's Homestudio. Andi Wingert after completed the CD with a fine taste for this our music - thanks to Peter and Andi for their great work. 11 Songs were selected, among 10 Covers also 1 song from Walter were finally selected.

3 Dayz Whizkey - Southern / Blues Rock

After three critically acclaimed studio albums comes Live And Let Live the first live album by 3 Dayz Whizkey. Founded in the true spirit of Rock and Roll, this five-piece band has established their own distinctive sound, blending Blues and Rock with catchy songwriting and overdriven guitar riffs. A high-octane brew they've already performed at hundreds of energetic live shows, transforming every venue into a roadhouse. Warren Huart at Spitfire Studios, Los Angeles, utilizing only the finest of vintage analogue equipment, mixed the three studio bonus-tracks. Respecting the past while looking into the future, 3 Dayz Whizkey passionately bridge the gap between the old masters and Southern Blues-Rock for the next generation. Formed in 2012, 3 Dayz Whizkey soon developed into a Blues-driven Southern Rock band. Their debut album The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea was released that same year. The critically acclaimed follow-up Black Water came in 2013 and was nominated for the prestigious Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik, a prize comparable to the Grammy Awards. The recognition allowed them to embark on a massive 70-day nationwide tour, which in turn reinforced their status as a top live act and lead to three national Rock and Pop Awards in the category Best Rhythm and Blues Band. Throughout 2014 the band kept on touring on a near-permanent basis, playing venues, festivals, and sharing the stage with the likes of Henrik Freischlader, Pat Travers, Saxon, Michael Schenker, King King, to name but a handful. They did however take time off to record Steam. Their third album, a 17-track Blues-Rock monument, was recorded in true 70s fashion, live in the studio with hardly any overdubs nor technical trickery. An organic blend of Rock, Southern Rock, and Blues, this was a giant leap forward in the career of 3 Dayz Whiskey, earning them yet another German Rock and Pop Award, followed by a tour which ran all the way into 2015.

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Rick Wakeman - 100th solo album

Piano Portraits is the 100th solo album from Rick Wakeman in what represents a truly remarkable body of work. The 15 tracks that Rick has re-interpreted on piano represent a distillation of all the music that has impacted and influenced Rick's life over the decades, taking in 70s rock and pop, classical, jazz and choral. Painting pictures is how Rick describes his playing style and how he visualizes music, and this album paints a very vivid, lush landscape for the listener to explore.


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Liquid Tension Experiment

Descobri esta banda já faz algum tempo... Comprei os dois CDs e me impressionei com a qualidade do som e de ver o grande Tony Levin, misturado com a nova geração de ProgMetal. Pena que lançaram apenas dois álbuns.

Liquid Tension Experiment (LTE) foi uma banda instrumental de Progressivo Rock Metal, formada pelo grande batera do Dream Theater, Mike Portnoy em 1997. 

Mike Portnoy convidou Jordan Rudess (teclados) e o ídolo do rock Progressivo Tony Levin (Baixo, Chapman Stick) do King Crimson e da banda de Peter Gabriel. Sua primeira escolha para a guitarra foi Dimebag Darrell, que não pode se juntar ao grupo. Dois outros convites foram realizadas: Steve Morse e Jim Matheos (Fates Warning), porém ambos não estavam disponíveis. Portnoy então pediu uma força para seu colega do Dream Theater, John Petrucci. O grupo foi formado então, sendo considerado um projeto paralelo ao Dream Theater, em 1997. Liquid Tension Experiment foi um grande sucesso... Confiram:


9DW - Eletronic Jazz Fusion (Japan)

A solo project by the Japanese artist/producer K.Saito first showcased in March 2009 at the SXSW MUSIC convention in Austin, Texas. This was followed by the release of the album, ‘SELF TITLED’, on NYC based WAX POETICS magazine’s WAX POETICS RECORDS label. The album’s mix of electric fusion and boogie as well as high production values gained Saito both fans and critical acclaim around the world, including many well known names within the world of music. 

9.30 FLY - Prog Folk Rock

The sole album by this quintet from Cheltenham, England, came and went in May 1972. Fronted by husband-and-wife duo Michael and Barbara Wainwright, they played a deft blend of prog, folk-rock, and singer-songwriter material, but failed to connect with an audience at the time. The original LP has sold for over $500, and makes its long-overdue return to CD here, complete with background notes and rare images. )

it's All Meat!!! - Garage,Psych,Punk

It’s All Meat were a late 60s/early 70s band that hailed from Toronto and released this excellent album in 1970 (Columbia).  Prior to that, It’s All Meat had been known as The Underworld.  The Underworld released a superb, crude garage single (“Go Away”/”Bound” – the label is Regency) in 1968 and also recorded some fine unreleased material captured on acetate.  As mentioned before, some of the members of The Underworld would form It’s All Meat.  In 1969 this new group would release their debut 45, “Feel It” coupled with “I Need Some Kind of Definitive Commitment.”  The A-side combined MC5 energy with New York Dolls-style swagger and features plenty of feedback and great guitar breaks.  It’s one of the great proto-punkers. 

Their album was released the following year and feartured 8 fresh original numbers written by drummer Rick McKIM and keyboard player/lead vocalist Jed MacKAY.  There are a bunch of good, solid stonesy garage rockers that form the axis of this lp: “Make Some Use Of Your Friends,” “Roll My Own,” “You Brought Me Back To My Senses,” and “You Don’t Know The Time You Waste.”  The latter track would be released as the group’s second and final single but “Roll My Own” and “Make Some Use Of Your Friends” were just as good, featuring fine psychedelic guitar work and raw vocals.  Other note worthy tracks flirted with blues (“Self-Confessed Lover”) and folk-rock (“If Only”) but the lp’s brightest moments were its two 9-minute marathon compositions.  “Crying Into A Deep Lake” was full-blown Doors psychedelia with spacey keyboards and spooky Jim Morrison influenced vocals.  The other lengthy track, “Sunday Love,” sounds like a strange Lou Reed/John Cale concoction with lots a great psychedelic guitar noise and soft folk-like passages sprinkled with light garage keyboards.   So while these last two tracks are very long, they never wear out their welcome and are required listening for both garage and psych fans.  The album’s production teeters between a primitive recording sound and the typical major label gloss, making it just right.

It’s All Meat is a fine, consistent trip all the way thru.  It’s one of the best late period (really late) garage rock albums I know of.  The album’s hard rock and proto-punk sounds give it a nice,  visceral edge.  It’s All Meat was reissued in 2000 by Hallucinations though originals are not hard to come by either. (

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Ache • Symphonic Prog

The seeds for ACHE were sown in the early 60's via the Danish beat group THE HARLOWS. When HARLOWS Torsten Olafsson (bass), Peter Mellin (organ) and Glenn Fischer (drums) were joined by former MCKENZIE SET guitarist Finn Olafsson in 1968, ACHE was born. 

They spent the next two years working on an extended piece called "De Homine Urbano", which was released as programme music to an experimental "rock ballet" in 1970. Released on the Philips label the same year with an accompanying single of non-album tracks, it netted positive reviews in the Danish press. ACHE's "rock theater" created something of a sensation in the rock underground, and "Green Man" followed in 1971. The next major ACHE project, by a revised six-piece version of the band, was a conceptual work called "Pictures From Cyclus 7", written in collaboration with lyricist Bo Lillesöe in 1975 and released one year later.

Ache have remained active on and off, albeit sporadically, ever since. Their only other major work (i.e.: not counting singles and compilations) has been "Blå som altid", a folk-oriented album released in 1978.

Why this artist must be listed in : 
They're important to the history of Danish progressive music.

This Danish band was founded in '68 and featured Torsten Olafsson (bass and vocals), Finn Olafsson (guitar and vocals), Peter Mellin (organ and keyboards) and Glen Fisher (drums and pecussion). They made two albums: "De hombre urbano ('70) and "Green man" ('71). The music is similar to the Early British Progressive Rock Movement (JULIAN'S TREATMENT, RARE BIRD, BEGGAR'S OPERA, ATOMIC ROOSTER), the German Krautrock (early JANE, ELOY, RAMSES, TRIUMVIRAT) and Dutch masters EARTH & FIRE (their early, con-commercial era). In 2000 both albums were released on 1 CD entitled "Ache: De hombre urbano + Green man". The music is based upon splendid keyboardplay (many floods of Hammond organ) and some fiery electric guitar. The first album contains two 'side-long tracks', the atmosphere is typically end Sixties and early Seventies with lots of solos and long, exciting interplay between guitar and keyoards, like jams. The second album includes shorter songs but the climates are in the vein of the first LP. If you listen to this CD, it's incredible that the magnificent keyboardplay is delivered by an unknown Danish musician!

Why this artist must be listed in : 
This is very inspired and powerful Hammond organ driven early progrock.

Erik Neuteboom

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Eric Clapton & More Good Friends

Agora o palco fica pesado... Eric Clapton convida  Mark Knopfler, John Mayer, Willie Nelson, Tom Petty, Derek Trucks e Don White, para homenagear seu ídolo, J.J. Cale. Nada melhor para finalizar esta série de postagens de parcerias do Sir .Eric Clapton. 

Eric Clapton & Wynton Marsalis

Subindo ao palco Sr. Wynton Marsalis.... Wynton Learson Marsalis (Nova Orleans, 18 de outubro de 1961) é um trompetista e compositor americano. Conhecido pela sua sisudez e seriedade ao tratar a música, é um músico polêmico. Diretor do Jazz at Lincoln Center em Nova Iorque, é considerado "embaixador da música americana" pelo seu profundo respeito e divulgação das tradições musicais. Começou na música muito cedo, tendo manifestado profundo interesse pelo jazz e pela música erudita. É considerado um dos maiores "virtuoses" do trompete atualmente. A lista de músicos com os quais já colaborou inclui Dizzy Gillespie, Arturo Sandoval, Herbie Hancock, Jack DeJohnette, Bobby McFerrin, entre outros. Só fera... E agora, Eric Clapton.

New York City’s premier jazz venue got the blues last April when Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton performed together in Rose Theater at Frederick P. Rose Hall, home of Jazz at Lincoln Center for two sold-out shows dedicated to vintage blues. The extraordinary collaboration, billed as Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton Play the Blues, paired these musical virtuosos with members of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra as they brought to life a repertoire of songs selected by Clapton and arranged by Marsalis.

Wynton Marsalis (trumpet)
Eric Clapton (guitar, vocal)
Dan Nimmer (piano)
Carlos Henriquez (bass)
Ali Jackson (drums)
Marcus Printup (trumpet)
Victor Goines (clarinet)
Chris Crenshaw (trombone, vocals)
Don Vappie (banjo)
Chris Stainton (keyboard)

"This collaboration was a pure joy because Eric is about music. We didn’t have any pettiness or stupidity about anything small. It takes great courage to come to New York and learn 12 new arrangements in three days, front a band that you’ve never played with in a form of music you don’t normally play, play three concerts, and sing almost all of the material. Eric did this flawlessly, and after all of that he told me, “I’d rather play the rhythm parts than play any solos.” That’s why I love and respect him."

- Wynton Marsalis

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Erik Norlander - Neo-Prog • United States

ERIK NORLANDER is the keyboardist for the ROCKET SCIENTISTS and also for his wife Lana Lane's band. He has also worked as a session musician for MARK BOALS, AYREON, STAR ONE and many others. He has released five solo albums and a live album in between working with his two bands. On his solo albums, he has worked with such well-known artists as Glenn Hughes, Edward Reekers, Arjen Lucassen, Robert Soeterbek and Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser, as well as his wife and his bandmates from the ROCKET SCIENTISTS. 

His first solo excursion, released in 1997, was an entirely instrumental affair, primarily a symphonic keyboard-driven album, although also including drums and bass guitar. Keith Emerson was so impressed with Norlander's "Threshold" album, that he wrote the liner notes for it. On his second solo album, released in 2000, he moved away from the completely symphonic, embracing a much harder prog style, with vocals this time and with Arjen Lucassen providing guitars and several vocalists from the hard rock/heavy prog arena singing.

In 2003, Norlander released "Music Man", a 2CD rock opera concept album about the dramatic rise and fall of a genetically engineered rock star. With this release he again produced an album primarily in the heavy prog arena, although there was also some symphonic as well as some ambient/electronic work on the album as well. The following year, he released two albums, the live "Stars Rain Down" combining tracks from his first three solo releases as well as a ROCKET SCIENTISTS song and a cover of the theme to "Space: 1999". 

For his second release of the year, "Seas of Orion" he returned to the fully instrumental, but this time focusing more on the ambient/electronic side of prog, although there were still touches of the symphonic. In 2007, he released an album of covers titled "Hommage Symphonique". On this album, he covered songs by ELP, PROCOL HARUM, YES and JETHRO TULL, among others.

Erik's music has some echoes of work of AYREON and full of breaks close to EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER, TRACE or SOCIAL TENSION with classical, jazzy, medieval and even hard accents. Erik's evocative synthesizer technique is reminiscent of the legendary RICK WAKEMAN, KEITH EMERSON and JON LORD while still very unique and forward-moving in its own right. 

Erik is from Southern California but many of his guest appearances and tours have taken him to Europe where he is better known. All his recordings are recommended with emphasis on "Into the Sunset" and "Music Man".

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