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David Bowie - Music & Art

David Bowie, nome artístico de David Robert Jones, Londres, 8 de janeiro de 1947) é um músico, ator e produtor musical inglês. Por vezes...

terça-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2017

Moebius Plank Neumeier - Eletronic Krautrock (Germany)

Zero Set is the only album by the German electronic music trio of Dieter Moebius, Conny Plank, and Mani Neumeier. It followed two collaborations by Moebius & Plank as a duo. Zero Set was recorded in September, 1982 at Conny's Studio outside Cologne, and released by Sky Records in 1983. The music on Zero Set is strongly influenced by African rhythms and music. One track, "Recall", features Sudanese vocals by Deuka. Matthew Weiner describes it for Soulmind Online: "Though not a dance record per se, Zero Set is one of the earliest extensions of Krautrock’s possibilities on the dance floor, pitting the profoundly electronic sequence patterns of Plank and Moebius against the hyperactive percussives of Guru Guru drummer Mani Neumeier. On tracks such as the prophetically titled 'Speed Display' and 'Pitch Control', the phasing, chattering and decidedly Germanic grooves found on Zero Set constitute vibrant proto-techno at its earliest and finest." David Ross Smith, writing for Allmusic, describes the album: "...a highly percussive affair with Mani Neumeier. The album is saturated in drum and synth rhythms and polyrhythms, resulting in compositions that are energetic and infectious." Zero Set was a turning point for Moebius and Plank, a fact lamented by Steven and Alan Freeman in their book The Crack In The Cosmic Egg. They say, in part: "...working with Mani Neumeier on Zero Set strangely took the music too close to techno for comfort..." Zero Set was reissued by the American Gyroscope label on CD on April 16, 1996. This was the first U.S. release for the album. It was also digitally remastered and reissued by Captain Trip Records in Japan on February 25, 2007. In 2007 Dieter Moebius and Mani Neumeier recorded Zero Set II in Japan as a tribute to Conny Plank.

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segunda-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2017

Brian Auger - Jazz Rock (UK)

Brian Albert Gordon Auger (born 18 July 1939 in Hammersmith London) is an English jazz and rock keyboardist, who has specialised in playing the Hammond organ. A jazz pianist, bandleader, session musician and Hammond B3 player, Auger has played or toured with artists such as Rod Stewart, Tony Williams, Jimi Hendrix, John McLaughlin, Sonny Boy Williamson, Led Zeppelin, Eric Burdon and others. He has incorporated jazz, early British pop, R&B, soul music and rock, and he has been nominated for a Grammy.

FROB - Krautrock • Germany

Frob biography (
Frob came from Rheda-Wiedenbrück in the east of Westphalia. Their classic musical signature is a combination of instrumental jazzy rock and spontaneous psych jams. They recorded their only album in France during the winter 1975 /76. Their own style demonstrates a great hability to improvise with a constant use of colorful-creative moods and tones. This first cult LP has been recently re-issued by Gardne of Delights. Among the most accomplished acid jazz rock acts from Germany underground next to Ibliss, Xhol, Out of Focus (...)

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domingo, 10 de dezembro de 2017

Booby Trap - Rock (Greece)

Booby Trap plays a very melodic hard rock actually reaching into the AOR field, with obvious 70's elements. Their sound is not polished at all, on the contrary the guitar riffs sound raw. I really love their guitarist, his solos have the required sentiment and inspiration. Another thing you will like about the album is the fact that all the vocal lines are well written. Productionwise there's a lot missing but I don't really care since I like the songs a lot. My favorites are American Girl, My woman (wonderful melancholic touch), Routine (with a great hit potential) and Burning brain (which I might almost call heavy metal). Almost every song seems to have a really memorable chorus and nice guitar leads. 

AUNT MARY - Eclectic Prog • Norway

One of the early and by many considered to be one of Norways definitely best prog bands. Their music is a mix of heavy hard-rocking tunes, combined with clear influences from the symphonic genre. The more symphonic sound however didn't appeared until their third, and last studio album, "Janus". A great concept-album to start with. If you want the more thundering sounds coming from AUNT MARY, look for 1972s "Loaded". High-skilled musicians combined with good, creative melodies makes AUNT MARY a important Norwegian band to become acquainted with.

sábado, 9 de dezembro de 2017

Alma da Terra - Rock (Brazil)

Trio from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, active in the early 80's and only released one rare LP, starting the recordings for a second, which unfortunately never came out. The self-titled contains 10 short tracks that move between hard, progressive and psychedelia, with clear influences of 70's bands, but having some more 'modern' style. The instrumental is straight and well executed, where the Agra's guitar dominates, with remarkable riffs and solos, accompanied by good 'kitchen', plus some acoustic moments. The lyrics are all in Portuguese and also well elaborated.

ROUSSEAU - Symphonic Prog • Germany

Excellent band from Germany who has 5 great albums in his discography. Their music can be described like an hybrid between CAMEL and NOVALIS. Music is very rich, with melodic guitar, flutes and a romantic touch in their lyrics.

ROUSSEAU were formed in 1977 by Ali Pfeffer, Georg Hutchmacher, Peter Stutz, Ulla Boos and Cristoph Huster. First album "Flower in Asphalt" was released in 1980 (after the change of two members in the original line-up), with a notable success in Germany. Three years later, the second album "Retreat" was issued, but not with the same success than the previous, because in those years in Germany new musical waves stole attention of prog rock. In 1987, ROUSSEAU released their last album from the 80´s, "Square The Circle", with line-up´s changes again and good reviews, but not with a great success. 

After this, members of ROUSSEAU start to write songs for some side projects and this was the "dead" of ROUSSEAU... but in 2002, 16 years after their last studio album, ROUSSEAU joined again and issued another album - a very good album with a sound more classical than the previous and with some very good instrumental passages. This album was called "At The Cinema", and was published by French label "MUSEA", who also re-released their back catalogue.

- Javier Ros Mellado, SPAIN

Thanks Magal

sexta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2017

The Italian Job - Quincy Jones (OST)

Quincy Jones and Don Black's soundtrack to the quintessential British caper movie originally released in 1969 and starring Michael Caine and Benny Hill. Tracks include 'On Days Like These' with vocals by Matt Monro.

Sounds Incorporated - Instrumental Pop Jazz Group (UK)

Sounds Incorporated, first recorded as Sounds Inc., was a British instrumental pop group which recorded extensively in the 1960s. Sounds Incorporated formed in early 1961, in Dartford, Kent, and gained a reputation in nearby South London for the fullness of their saxophone-led instrumental sound. In August 1961, after Gene Vincent's band, The Blue Caps, had been denied permission to work in the UK, Sounds Incorporated won the opportunity to back Vincent on his British tour and on recordings in London. This led to further opportunities to back other visiting American artists, including Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Brenda Lee and Sam Cooke. By 1967 the band's name had been truncated to "Sounds Inc". The Beatles invited Cameron, Holmes and West to be the saxophone section on their track "Good Morning Good Morning", from the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. After this guest appearance, Sounds Inc left EMI and released a solitary single on the Polydor label. Titled "How Do You Feel", it was their first single release to feature vocals. The group began to disintegrate in the late 1960s. Drummer Tony Newman left to work as a session musician and at one stage joined the Jeff Beck Group. For the remaining members of Sounds Inc, Cameron's departure for a career in A&R left a gap, which was filled by Terry Fogg (percussionist and drummer) and Trevor White, the band's first true vocalist. The group soldiered on, moving to and mainly playing in Australia for their final years together. Their act became more middle-of-the-road, exemplified in their final LP, which was released in many territories but not the UK, containing more vocals than instrumentals. Sounds Inc finally broke up in 1971.

END AMEN - Progressive Metal • Germany

 End Amen biography (
End Amen was a project formed around Owe OSTERLEHNER (DEATHROW) and Siggi BLASEY. During a 1992 DEATHROW tour with PSYCHOTIC WALTZ, the pair teamed up PSYCHOTIC WALTZ's guitarist Dan ROCK and drummer Norman LEGGIO.

The material was not too far removed from DEATHROW, and has a distinct power thrash style, also resembling early NEVERMORE/SANCTUARY. But the guitar riffing and leads from Dan ROCK add a spacious progressive vibe to the material that PSYCHOTIC WALTZ fans will recognize from his later DARKSTAR project.

Biography written by Bonnek.

Drums – Norman Leggio*
Engineer, Recorded By, Mixed By – Harris Johns
Guitar – Dan Rock, Uwe Osterlehner
Guitar [Additional] – Dweezil Zappa
Keyboards – Uwe Osterlehner

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quinta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2017

The Balboas - Heavy Surf Rock (USA)

The Balboas emerged from the damp recesses of Akron, OH. Its filth and fury spread through the USA, then abroad, then into outer space. It's an unstoppable force, a living breathing organism, a dirty, greasy amalgam of rock and roll punk surf. This is not for the faint of heart. Enter the kingdom and prepare to emerge forever has changed. Decked in their traditional black, the Balboas bring a full frontal Fender attack from American rock and roll that does not fit perfectly into established genres. Armed with the instruments and backward rhythm of the West Coast acts of the 1960s era, the writing and performances of the music Balboas infuse the anguish and irreverence of 70s and 80s punk rock, into a fuzzy, soaked reverb, dam of sound. Over 20 years and thousands of miles on the tour circuit, the Balboas have created their own sound, gaining a reputation as a lively and carefree act characterized by a greasy American middle finger. While setting up their own unique sound, the Balboas praised some of the most difficult, gray, and worn-out scripts in the United States, having shared the stage with garage-rock icons, Woggles and Fleshtones, rockabilly giants, Southern Culture in the Skids and the Flat Duo Jets, the Southern Nashville Pussy Rockers and the Drive-By Truckers, the Legendary Punk Agent Orange and the Dictators, and the surf guitar masters, Dick Dale and Slacktone. The Balboas were formed in 1995 and released their first studio recording Heavy Surf Advisory in 1998. Studio musicians performed, the Balboas followed with full recordings of Little Bit of Fear and Big as You Need, plus a live version of Duvel's Lawyer. The band quickly established a worldwide audience attended by regular rotation in Little Steven's underground garage and a cult following on the internet. The Balboas are led by vocalist Mark Healy and lead guitarist Rich Griffith. The rhythm section is pressed by Rick Frei on rhythm guitar and rock n 'roll queen, Caitie O'Shea, on bass. The only non-original member of the band is legendary drummer Dusty Watson, who lent his Ludwig assault services to Dick Dale, Agent Orange, and now brings his aggressive and aggressive style to the creators of The Sonics punk garage. Balboas members live in 5 different cities across the US, but have managed to keep writing and running their exclusive rock brand for more than 2 decades. Meet the Balboas!

CRYSTAL PALACE - Neo-Prog • Germany

Based in Berlin, Germany, CRYSTAL PALACE started out in 1994, formed by Helmut Hirt (vocals), Jürgen Hegner (guitars), Ralf Jaschob (guitars) and Jens Uwe Strutz (bass, vocals). For the first few years of their existence various drummers and keyboardists helped out when needed; for live shows as well as studio work.

Their first full length album, "On the Edge of the World", was issued in 1995; and promoted for the next few years.

In 1998 Hirt left the band, but by November of the same year he had been replaced by Tom Young (vocals). Sven Brehm (drums) and Frank Köhler (keyboards) joined at the same time; and this first permanent band line-up recorded and released the EP "Children of the Sun" in 1999.

In 2000 Young left, and after searching for a new frontman for some time, it was decided that bassist Strutz should take care of the vocal duties instead; and with that matter settled the band hit the studio again; resulting in 2001's full length album "Demon in You". In 2002 a live EP with this line-up was issued, "Unplugged by the Shadow", recorded at the wedding of drummer Sven Brehm. 

Supporters of German icehockey club "EHC-Eisbären Berlin" saw to it that their next release would be a more high profile one, as the band won a contest through internet voting to record a fan song for the club. The single "Eisbär'n Forever" was the end result, released in 2003.

At the same time Brehm left the band, replaced by Mathias Wallasch (drums). He stayed just long enough to record the full length production "Psychedelic Sleep", issued in 2003, before leaving. Early in 2004 Hegner left as well, and the remaining band members started to involve themselves in side projects for a while following this.

Dagobert Weiß joined the band briefly in the same period; but personal matters saw to it that he moved out of Germany, leaving CRYSTAL PALACE without a drummer yet again. Early in 2004 the band lost their studio location as well, and had to rebuild their recording studio at a new location. In November 2004 the new studio location was up and running. 

After experimenting with the use of drum loops while recording, the band decided to call Frank Fuhrmann. He was one of the drummers who helped out at the start of the band's career, and he also gave drum lessons on a regular basis. The band thought he might know of a drummer that could fit the band; but he decided to join himself instead. Some further studio time culminated in the release of the EP "Studio Jam 2004/05" with this line-up. Later in 2005 the band got some unexpected help in the lyrics department, as poet Guido Galler decided to help out in this aspect of the band's creative labours. Later in 2005 the band felt that a compilation album was called for after 10 years as recording artists, and thus "Through the Years" was issued.

More line-up changes were in store though, as founding member Ralf Jaschob (guitars) decides to leave the band early in 2006; replaced by former (and founding) member Jürgen Hegner (guitars). Later this year the band release the full length album "Acoustic Years"; with earlier songs rearranged and recorded in acoustic versions.

2007 sees another line-up change for this hard-working German outfit, as Fuhrmann leaves the band; replaced a few months later by Feliks Weber (drums).

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quarta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2017

Corbeau - Rock (Canada)

Corbeau was a Quebec rock group, very popular at the end of the seventies. The group was formed in 1977 by the film-maker, lyricist and singer Pierre Harel with Michel "Willie" Lamothe on bass guitar and Roger "Wézo" Belval on drums (all previously members of the group Offenbach) with Donald Hince on guitars. Jean Millaire completed the make up of Corbeau after a short tenure with Offenbach. Harel was the lead-singer up until the arrival of Marjolaine "Marjo" Morin, whereupon they shared the role until the departure of Harel just before the launching of their first album in 1979. Corbeau broke up in 1984 after the departure of Marjo and Jean Millaire.

In 2009 the original members (with the exception of Pierre Harel) re-united to record one track for Marjo's new album, Marjo et ses hommes. Corbeau re-recorded the track Demain.

Pierre Harel: vocals (1977-1979)
Marjolaine Morin: vocals
Donald Hince: guitar
Jean Millaire: guitar, back up vocals
Michel Lamothe: bass, back up vocals
Roger Belval: drums
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