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Unitopia - Crossover Prog • Australia

Unitopia is the rare case of prog from "down under". The band was formed by Mark Trueack (vocals) and Sean Timms (keyboard, guitar) after they were introduced by a mutual friend who saw that the two had similar tastes in music and the story goes that as soon as Timms heard Trueack sing, he knew they had to do something together. They released their first album, "More Than A Dream" in 2005 after spending 8 years on the albums, and have since been working on material for their second album "The Garden", which was recently released after 3 years of writing, recording and mastering. The band's influences stretch all across the progressive scope and make for a very intriguing sound that has one foot in "retro"-70s style progressive while still being able to sound like other artists in the modern progressive scene. They have a rather large sound to them, which is no doubt helped by their 6-member roster (including Matt Williams (guitar), Monty Ruggiero (drums), Shireen Khemlani (bass) and Tim Irrang (percussion)). They mix a combination of Flower Kings-like symphonic qualities with the soul of Ladder-era Yes and Trueack's unique vocals to make the brunt of their sound.

With the band's two first releases they have shown that they're an ambitious bunch. While the first album failed to make waves in the progressive community, their second album, The Garden has received critical praise in many prog circles, and as a double album with multiple epics, it certainly isn't one to be taken as "a flash in the pan". From here, one can only wonder what the band will do next.

A promising new entrant into the "retro" scene which should turn the heads of those interested in hearing more modern symphonic prog with various influences.


Thanks PETER!!!!

domingo, 21 de agosto de 2016

Esfera - Crossover Prog (Portugal)

ESFERA é uma banda de Setúbal - Portugal, e lançaram no dia 21 de Março o seu álbum de estreia, All The Colours of Madness, que pode ser ouvido na integra no seu Bandcamp, e pode ser comprado tanto e formato digital como físico.

O disco é bastante conceptual e é realmente uma peça de arte dos tempos modernos. Algo que muitas vezes faz falta, um disco que se ouça num todo como uma peça inteira, onde só faz sentido se ouvirmos tudo. Isto vem colmatar um problema atual, os singles, onde já ninguém interpreta um disco como uma obra, ouvindo apenas o single. Como a banda diz:

“Fruto de um longo trabalho de composição e gravação, este álbum conceptual representa uma variedade de paisagens sonoras e influências da banda e uma afirmação da sua versatilidade. É uma viagem de 8 faixas pelas cores das diferentes emoções, da perspectiva de um cego que entrega a sua esperança numa forma de compreender os conceitos de sanidade e conforto. “

É realmente verdade, All the Colours of Madness tem temas muito distintos mas que se completam, podemos realmente fazer uma comparação pelas cores, e a junção de tudo na faixa final. Temos o vermelho romântico, o branco mais bluesy e claro, até ao preto, mais sombrio e melancólico. É sem dúvida um bom trabalho que todos os que gostam deste género musical devem escutar.

Uma grande indicação de nosso correspondente português, Magal - O Pescador....

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Mystery - Neo-Prog • Canada

A project of French Canadian guitarist/lyricist/producer Michel St-Père, MYSTERY took form in 1986 as a six-member outfit. They released a self-titled album in 1992 that generated quite some interest across Canada. Unfortunately, a year later, their drummer Stéphane Perreault lost the use of both his legs; but his strong determination and passion for his craft inspired him with a new and unique approach to drumming: he became one of the first drummers to play from a wheelchair without the help of any pre-programmed sequences. In 1995, St-Père founded label Unicorn Records under which the band released a second album titled "Theater of the Mind" and which boasted airplay both in North America and Europe. In 1998, they released their last and most progressive album todate titled "Destiny?", which features six guest musicians. In 2000, a compilation CD was released that marked the end of a chapter in the band's history, as it also features their vocalist and long-time buddy Gary Savoie who has now left the band.

Over the years, MYSTERY's style has evolved from AOR (STYX, ASIA) to more adventurous art rock like that of RUSH and SAGA, but featuring delicate acoustic passages not normally heard from these two. Their music is based on St-Père's guitar play, which is well executed yet appropriately restrained, while the keyboards remain in the background. MYSTERY won't dazzle you with technical prowess but you will appreciate their strong melodies, outstanding vocals (Gary Savoie is often compared to JOURNEY's Steve Perry), elegant arrangements and attention to detail. Their compilation CD "At the Dawn of a New Millenium" is made up of remastered tracks of their three albums and is a fairly good sampler of their répertoire for those wanting to get acquainted with the band.

Recommended to fans of SAGA, KANSAS, JOURNEY, RUSH and to fans of melodic rock in general.

: : : Lise (HIBOU), CANADA : : :
Mystery official website


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Moon Safari - Symphonic Prog • Sweden

MOON SAFARI started as a figment of our imagination in the late twentieth century. Realized in 2003, we are now casting our first progressive pie of epic proportions, "A Doorway To Summer", into the face of the enlightened world. 

Fifteen minutes of rehearsal on a dark February night was all it took to make us feel warm and summery inside. So the following month we entered the local recording facilities in Skelleftea, a small stretch of shoreline in the north of Sweden, and begun scribbling down the blueprint for what would later become a doorway to summer.

The four-track demo recorded that spring was send to Mr Tomas Bodin of the FLOWER KINGS. Our star-struck attitude must have been the convincing factor as he happily agreed to make the long journey north to mix and master the demo in the summer of 2003. The outcome of the collaboration, resulting in great versions of "Doorway" and the booming "Lovely rain", pleased both parties and it was decided then and there that we would record an album, with Tomas himself playing the role of producer. 

The band immediately began to gain followers in 2005 with the debut album "A Doorway To Summer." Their ambitions grew with the follow up double album, which included their first epic. As the music evolves MOON SAFARI changes but always maintains their vocal harmony laden, melodic approach to modern Symphonic Prog.

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Abel - Funk Rock

Great Funk rock album of Abel Sanchez with great horns and guitar effects including the nice tune "Music Maker". The drummer Tom Catalano had later form his own label :"Tom Cat".

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Elephant Plaza - Norwegian Progressive Rock

Norwegian Progressive Rock band Elephant plaza´s debut album MOMENTUM began as a 2-piece project in 2006. Espen Mikarlsen (Guitars) and Gilbert Marshall one day started loosely jamming an idea for a song in our studio – Progstock Studio – and this should later turn into our first song “Naked”. After arranging the songs, drums and bass, additional guitars and vocals also were added in spite of various setbacks over the next years (amongst them, a great fire which burned down the whole studio in 2010).

In several sessions both 2012, 2015 and early 2016, we were able to gather guest singers and musicians for individual vocal and instrumental sessions in Cakehouse Studio (in which we were granted free studio time as a most generous gesture after the fire) and Gilbert Marshall´s and Kim Christiansen´s private recording lairs. These sessions were absolutely marvelous and wonderful. We had asked the singers and musicians years ago and still everyone was still enthusiastic and willing. Absolutely fantastic generous people with absolutely stunning performances. Thanks to all youse…

The album was mixed during February, March and April 2016, and is finally mastered by Hoffe Stannow at Cosmos Mastering in Stockholm, Sweden in May 2016. Stockholm is also the home of Progress Records.

The music was made simply by wanting to spontaneously pour our hearts out musically and lyrically. Just to see what came out with no specific agenda or style. From the moment of jamming those first simple riffs, throughout the massive production that this turned out to be, we have really only wanted to create something that we felt resonate with the musical longings and cravings within ourselves – to make good music and lyrics with emotions and stories that both others and ourselves can relate to…

Gilbert Marshall (Magic Pie)– electric & acoustic guitars, keyboards, lead vocals
Kim Christiansen – lead electric & acoustic guitars, vocals
John Kamphaug (Magic Pie) – bass, vocals
Olav Rygg (Magic Pie Sound Tech) – drums, percussion, vocals
John Petter Sæterdal – keyboards, vocals
Jan-Fredrik Heier – keyboards, vocals

Espen Mikarlsen(composer, arranger) - Lead & Rhythm guitars

With guest singers and musicians:
Eirikur Hauksson (Magic Pie, Kerrs Pink) – Lead & backing vocals
Anett Lunde - Lead & backing vocals
Maria Bentzen - Lead & backing vocals
Harald Hougaard - 6- & 12-string acoustic guitars
Bjørn Myrås - Electric Bass
Liv Frengstad - Cello


Mais uma de Peter!

domingo, 31 de julho de 2016

Cirrus Bay - Neo-Prog • United States

US outfit CIRRUS BAY started out as an acoustic duo back in 2001, consisting of Bill Gillham on guitar and Sharra Gallham (now Sharra Acle) on vocals. They performed Bill's compositions live in coffee and sandwich shops, acoustic efforts with sophisticated compositional structures underneath a melodic palette catering to a more mainstream-oriented musical taste. The duo were, at some point in time, approached by Mark Blasco. He's a drummer and engineer, and besides being fascinated by the duo's musical ventures he also wanted to know if they would like to record their music, offering his services as a drummer if so would be the case. And while Cirrus Bay still is represented by a duo performing acoustic music, now consisting of Bill and Anisha Gillham, it has also evolved into a band project, at least as far as CD releases are concerned. And in the latter case the music has become much more embellished, closer to the muscial territories explored by acts such as Genesis and Spock's Beard.


Banda recomendada por um novo colaborador: Magal, o pescador de obscuridades progressivas!!!

Obrigado Magal!

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Ghost Community - Crossover Prog (UK)

Five seasoned prog veterans have gathered in a new band named Ghost Community.

Vocalist Marc Atkinson (Riversea, solo), guitarist Simon Rogers (Also Eden), bassist Matthew Cohen (The Reasoning), keyboardist Moray Macdonald (Godsticks, Crimson Sky) and drummer Jake Bradford-Sharp (The Reasoning, Echochain) have begun work on their debut album.

They say: “With much crisscrossing the country through the years, sharing the same stages, frequenting the same scene and forging firm friendships, the only natural evolutionary step was to form a collaborative and exciting musical entity.

“We realised that we all touched bases on many musical levels. With the wealth of experience we bring to the table, we can make this band something that not only meets our own musical desires – but a band for everyone.”

They explain their name by saying: “As we go about our business in our daily lives, we cross paths with individuals who exist merely as voices at the end of a digital connection. We travel the globe passing though borders, and making eye contact with their gatekeepers – and yet these moments are fleeting. With the ever-increasing prominence of social media channels, we impart information to and share details with hundreds, if not thousands, of strangers every day.

“In a fast-moving world we sometimes forget the one thing that truly holds everything together: people. These people are the ‘ghosts’ that make up our community. Without each other, what do we have? This is the Ghost Community. This is our community. This is your community. In it, we all stand together.”

More details will be made available via the band’s website and Facebook page.

Mais uma grande contribuição de Peter Hammil!!!!

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Abbey Lincoln -

Anna Marie Wooldridge (August 6, 1930 – August 14, 2010), known by her stage name Abbey Lincoln, was an American jazz vocalist, songwriter, and actress, who wrote and performed her own compositions. She was a civil rights advocate during the 1960s. Born in Chicago but raised in Calvin Center, Cass County, Michigan, Lincoln was one of many singers influenced by Billie Holiday. She often visited the Blue Note jazz club in New York City. Her debut album, Abbey Lincoln's Affair – A Story of a Girl in Love, was followed by a series of albums for Riverside Records. In 1960 she sang on Max Roach's landmark civil rights-themed recording, We Insist! Lincoln’s lyrics were often connected to the civil rights movement in America.

During the 1980s, Lincoln’s creative output was smaller and she released only a few albums during that decade. Her song "For All We Know" is featured in the 1989 film Drugstore Cowboy. During the 1990s and until her death, however, she fulfilled a 10-album contract with Verve Records. After a tour of Africa in the mid-1970s, she adopted the name Aminata Moseka.  These albums are highly regarded and represent a crowning achievement in Lincoln’s career. Devil’s Got Your Tongue (1992) featured Rodney Kendrick, Grady Tate, J. J. Johnson, Stanley Turrentine, Babatunde Olatunji and The Staple Singers, among others. In 2003, Lincoln received a National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master Award. Lincoln was married from 1962 to 1970 to drummer Max Roach, whose daughter from a previous marriage, Maxine, appeared on several of Lincoln’s albums.

Lincoln died on August 14, 2010 in Manhattan, eight days after her 80th birthday. Her death was announced by her brother, David Wooldridge, who told The New York Times that she had died in a Manhattan nursing home after suffering deteriorating health ever since undergoing open-heart surgery in 2007. No cause of death was officially given. She was cremated and her ashes were scattered.

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Blues Brazil on Guitar Player

Quando os pioneiros do blues no Brasil começaram suas carreiras, o gênero era pouco conhecido por aqui e havia um vasto território a desbravar. Mas o panorama mudou radicalmente nos últimos anos. O blues nacional avança de vento em popa, com músicos de grande talento surgindo em todos os cantos do país e lançando trabalhos de qualidade, inclusive com reconhecimento internacional. Sem falar dos inúmeros festivais dedicados ao gênero que pipocam em diversas regiões, alimentando ainda mais uma efervescente cena blueseira.

Para celebrar este momento, Guitar Player lançou o álbum Blues na GP, distribuído na Expomusic 2013 e enviado aos assinantes da revista. Nem todas as músicas presentes nesta coletânea são blues em sua forma mais pura e nem todos os guitarristas participantes se dedicam exclusivamente ao estilo, mas eles possuem o blues como referência e forte influência, utilizando-se de suas técnicas e sonoridade para moldar as ideias que brotam em suas mentes. Confira comentários desses músicos nacionais sobre as canções que estão no disco.

Uma prática esquecida no Brasil foi resgatada com ótimo resultado pela edição brasileira da revista Guitar Player. Durante a ExpoMusic, ocorrida em setembro em São Paulo, a publicação vendeu exemplares do mês de outubro acompanhados de um CD bônus dedicado ao blues brasileiro. Vinte e dois guitarristas dos melhores que existem por aqui cederam faixas ou gravaram especialmente para o projeto. Intitulado “Blues na GP”, o disco conta com participações de artistas de várias partes do país. São eles: Nuno Mindelis, Celso Salim, Marcos Ottaviano, Blues Etílicos, Fernando Noronha, Igor Prado Band, Ricky Furlani, Irmandade do Blues, Alamo Leal, Big Gilson, Amleto Barboni, Duca Belintani, Artur Menezes, Kim Kehl, Norba Zamboni, Tatiana Pará, Felipe Cazaux, Carlos Café, Décio Caetano, Oly Jr. e Brazilian Blues Band. A produção do álbum ficou por conta de Flávio Gutok. “Blues na GP” foi enviado também aos assinantes da revista pelo correio, mas ainda não está prevista a venda avulsa, seja no site da revista ou mesmo em lojas. De longe é a melhor coletânea de blues feita por brasileiros no Brasil. Corra atrás das músicas em pensar…

More Brazilian Blues:

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Piano & Bateria

Um discão que apareceu na minha coleção há algum tempo...


Prefeitura Municipal de Florianópolis 
Fundação Cultural de Florianópolis Franklin Cascaes 
Conselho Municipal de Política Cultural de Florianópolis 

PIANO: Diogo de Haro 
BATERIA: Peter Gossweiler 
Gravado no Teatro Pedro Ivo nos dias 30 e 31 de Outubro de 2012 
Afinador de piano: Leônidas de Oliveira 
Captação de áudio: Eduardo Serafim e Peter Gossweiler 
Técnico de mixagem e masterização: Estudio SOMA por Juliano Maffessoni 
Cameras (foto e filmagem): Diego de los Campos e Leandro Lopes de Souza 
Edição dos Vídeos: Peter Gossweiler 
Ensaios: Estudio OPA! 
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